GOMA Gallery ExaARTは、美と文化の街、大阪西天満大阪地方裁判所西門前路面で活動を開始しました。界隈は大阪で一番ギャラリーが集まる場所で、アーテイスト活動の成果発表の場、又立地を生かしての新しい出会いを期待しての場としてご利用いただけます。



GOMA Gallery ExaART has started activities in the city of art and culture, Osaka Nishi-Tenma Osaka District Court West Gate Front.
The area is the place where the gallery gathers the most in Osaka, and it can be used as a place to show off the results of the artist's activities, and as a place to expect new encounters taking advantage of the location.
We welcome works that challenge new expressions, but we will send out art (planar, three-dimensional, video, photography, graphic design, digital art, etc.) that seems to be superior regardless of genre, technique, or abstract representation. . At the time of the exhibition, we will make efforts to create an optimal space for the exhibition. In addition, we will continuously support those who do their best for art.​

AB「Appreciate Bucks:アプリ―シェイトバックス」 制度